UBC Centre for Interactive Research in Sustainability

The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) is a different kind of building. We aim for the highest level of sustainable operations. We hope that you will share our vision.

Information on rooms capacity, rates and fees can be found by contacting the Events Manager at tim.herron@ubc.ca

Policy Lab A and B

The Policy Lab is available at no cost to inhabitants of the CIRS building (along with a few special arrangements). The policy is that in order to qualify for no cost use there must be an inhabitant in the meeting otherwise a charge will be assessed for the use of the room.

The Policy Lab is a self serve room and renters are required to return the room to the layout on the room map, remove any catering & meeting supplies and clean the tables if required. No AV support is provided.

Room Rental Rate: $150/day for either Policy A or B or $300/day for both a and B

BC Hydro Theatre

We do sponsor events in the Hydro theatre for reduced or no cost but that is done on a case by case basis.Please contact tim.herron for sponsorship arrangements.

Room Rental Rate: $100/ Hour or $800/ day (up to 10 hours)

CIRS Atrium & 2nd Floor Bridge

Room Rental Rates: contact Events Manager tim.herron@ubc.ca